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Ronnie and Hemi have three children, Taumaihiroa, Whiutaikaha and Auraki, whose first language is Te Reo Māori. 


When Taumaihiroa was around two years old they noticed there was very little available in the way of Te Reo Māori apps for young kids.

Hemi then got working on the first app concepts. His mate Alan, another computer programmer, came on board not long after. From there Pāpapa was born.


Our aim is to make a contribution to Te Reo Māori revitalisation by producing interactive mobile apps for kids and their caregivers who wish to explore their world together in Te Reo Māori.

Quiet Desk
Quiet Desk


All Māori language features (words and phrases) used in our apps are quality assured by licensed translators certified by Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Māori (The Māori Language Commission). With regard to our choice of words, we prefer:

  • To revive old words where possible (for example 'puaheiri' for 'snow')

  • To avoid transliterations, however common, and instead search for translations (for example 'maika' instead of 'panana' for 'banana')

To showcase a variety of words that are specific as opposed to generic (for example 'karoro' for 'seagull' as opposed to simply using 'manu' for 'bird')

All of these we believe honour the breadth, depth and beauty of Te Reo Māori (the Māori language), with the exception of iwi dialects. These we encourage you to research and begin to use yourself!"


It is important to us that the voices kids hear within our apps reflect their own. To make that happen we enlisted the help of our own kids, nieces and nephews in the making of Pāpapa apps.

Quiet Desk
Quiet Desk


Our logo takes inspiration from the Pāpapa Tiger Beetle (Cicindela tuberculata), native to Aotearoa/New Zealand.


Pāpapa move quickly and can be quite a sight for inquisitive kids.


It is with this in mind that we develop our apps by focusing on how to pique a child's interest, while rewarding them for their perseverance in their pursuit.


The colour scheme takes inspiration from the markings found on Pāpapa's back, which reflect the brilliant colours of the pāua shell."


Professional and Proficient

Smiling Young Woman
Smiling Businessman
Portrait of Smiling Woman


Rarotonga, Rotuma

Mathematics whiz, super-duper computer programmer, researcher and artist.


Te Atiawa, Ngāpuhi, Ngāti Kahu

Super-duper computer programmer, researcher, artist and music-maker.


Ngāti Porou, Ngāti Uepohatu

Big ideas, “lets change the world” whip-cracker, communicator and positive transformation agent.

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