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Privacy Policy

Types of Data

There are two types of data in regards to your interactions with our website and our mobile apps:

  1. Personal Data - Data that contains personally identifiable information, that identifies a user as an individual, such as name, contact details and so forth.

  2. Non Personal Data - Data that doesn't identify an individual.


Pāpapa Data Collection

We do not collect any Personal Data from our website or mobile apps unless it has been explicitly supplied to us by you.
For the data that is explicitly supplied to us by you, it will not be shared or sold to a third party, or used for any other purpose aside from that which it was originally supplied.

Google Analytics

Our website utilises Google Analytics. Google Analytics is software that collects Non Personal Data about visitors (i.e. you).
Google Analytics gathers Non Personal Data such as what internet browser you are using to view our website, what device you are using to view the website, how long you view each page and so forth.
The data collected enables us to see how visitors find our website, what pages visitors are spending the most time on our website and how visitors view our website. This enables us to better understand the needs of the visitors, and in turn make better decisions about the design of our website.

Mobile Apps

We use software called Unity created by Unity Technologies to create our mobile apps.
By using our mobile apps, Unity Technologies are able to collect the following Non Personal Data:

  • Unique device identifier generated from the device MAC/IMEI/MEID, which is altered to limit the ability to identify the relevant device in the future;

  • An advertising ID, such as the Apple IDFA or the Android Ad ID;

  • IP address;

  • Device manufacturer and model;

  • The operating system and version running on your system or device;

  • Browser type;

  • Language;

  • The make of the CPU, and number of CPUs present;

  • The graphics card information, such as type, vendor and driver name, version and graphics API;

  • Amount of system and video RAM present;

  • Current screen resolution;

  • Unity Player and Unity Editor versions;

  • Operating system identifier (e.g., Mac, Windows, etc.);

  • A checksum of all the data that gets sent to verify that it did transmit correctly; and

  • App ID of the game installed.

This data helps Unity Technologies to improve their services and software, and helps mobile app developers like us improve our apps.

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